Would you like to earn 65% royalties on your audiobook,
compared to the 25%-35% offered traditionally?


Would you like to get paid immediately after each sale, instead of waiting for next month or next quarter?


 More control.  More royalties.

AMPlify is currently exclusively for clients of Pro Audio Voices Inc

What does AMPlify include?

Check out the QUANTUM sales page to see what your page may look like

  • You will get a custom sales page, making your audiobook available for direct sale within days. 

  • You will earn 65% royalties on purchases made through your custom sales page.

  • You will receive royalty payments within days of each sale!

  • YOU stay in control! Set your retail price and change it at any time; run promotional pricing on a schedule; or request discount codes for special groups or events.

  • You will receive step-by-step Marketing Memos. These will guide you on how to AMP up your sales by driving traffic to your custom AMPlify sales page.

How does AMPlify work?

  • You keep higher Royalties

    When the audiobook is purchased through your custom sales page, you will earn an incredible 65% in royalties*! This is higher than any other channels can offer at this time. We've partnered with a new technology company which is making this all possible, and we coupled it with affiliate technology so you get paid almost immediately. Creating a custom sales page for your audiobook is also part of the AMPlify formula for success. Having the audiobook available faster is great, but making more per sale is even more exciting!


    *For those enrolled in the AMP 2020 Audiobook Marketing Program – royalties are 70%!

  • You are in Control

    YOU set the retail price - not just the suggested price (MSRP) – the ACTUAL price! You can change it, run a promotion with special pricing, request discount codes – you have more control than ever before! Just send us a message with what you need and we'll implement.

  • You can REACH your Customers

    Retailers don't provide any way for you to reach out to the people who bought your audiobook. AMPlify does!  When customers buy from your AMPlify page, they provide their email address. We will provide that list upon request. Or use our REACH program to send out a message on your behalf through our email marketing system.

  • Your customized Sales Page

    We will create a beautiful sales page, just for your audiobook. This page will include a book description, cover image, testimonials, and an optional video trailer. Using the unique link to your page, fans can start purchasing your audiobook sooner than ever before. It only takes a couple days for us to set up your page, compared to the weeks or even months other platforms require. View a sample page here.  

  • Marketing Memos to AMP up sales

    Even though your audiobook will be available sooner, and you'll be earning more cash, does it matter if no one sees it? No! 

    To help you conquer this challenge, we are including essential Marketing Memos teaching you how to share, promote, and reach your audience. These simple, step-by-step memos will give you the exact steps you need to do to get more eyes & ears on your story.

  • Optional Video Trailer (highly recommended)

    Just like milk & cookies, or peanut butter & jelly, audio and visuals make a perfect pair. It's also one of the best ways to leverage your audiobook. Video creates next-level engagement and can reach a wider audience online. Using the retail sample cut from your audiobook, we will make a video trailer that you can share anywhere and everywhere. We recommend uploading your trailer to GoodReads and AuthorCentral, to start!

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