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THE AUDIO BOOK CLUB is an original web-series produced by Pro Audio Voices taking an in-depth view of audiobooks and the industry. We explore brand-new releases of varying genres as well as classic throwbacks and hidden gems we’ve found and been recommended along the way. 


Accompanying this, THE AUDIO BOOK CLUB also hosts a special episode every month, inviting audiobook fans to listen to a specific title, before joining us on a live episode and performing a deep dive on everything we have experienced with the audiobook. It’s tremendous fun!


The show is lighthearted but thorough, making it perfect entertainment for every level of audiobook and literature fan; as we discuss character development, story arcs, world-building, hidden meaning and of course, the narrators and authors who make it all happen.


Audience participation is a huge part of the show as we encourage the involvement of our viewers, inviting them to share their own thoughts and opinions regarding the audiobook of choice as well as recommendations of their own, that they feel could benefit another listener. Good-natured and friendly debate awaits each live episode, introducing literature and story lovers to each other in order to create one harmonious community of storytelling and audiobooks.

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