Rather be writing than figuring out marketing? 

We hear you
and we're here to help.

Audiobook Marketing Program

AMP up your Sales!

For your audiobooks, yes, but we're helping build your ENTIRE Author Platform.

Get Marketing DONE so YOU can do What you Love


What would it be like if you could focus on writing rather than marketing? What if your Author Platform was being developed for you, and you only had to spend 10 minutes per week focused on a specific, easy marketing task?  


Imagine your audiobooks and books selling so well that you could focus on doing what you love most?


In the world of independent publishing, we need to be aware of what our messages and metadata are doing to achieve our goals - or find someone who understands what to do and do it on our behalf. Our team has decades of marketing experience combined with decades of audiobook industry, writing, and indie publishing experience. We've pulled together our knowledge and expertise to help authors who  would rather be writing - or  doing anything other than marketing! 


For these authors, we created the Audiobook Marketing Program (AMP)!

We've got the marketing handled. 

What we'll be doing for You while You're doing What you Love

  • Creating your video trailer exclusively for your audiobook
  • Posting your video to the Audiobook Authors YouTube Channel
  • Optimizing your video description for Google search engines - think "Google juice"
  • Boosting the posts for maximum exposure and best search results
  • Linking your video to all retail merchants where your book is available for sale
  • ​Promoting your video via social media campaigns on FaceBook & Twitter, and more
  • Delivering your video so you can post to your Author Profile on AuthorCentral
  • Inviting you to be an active part of the Audiobook Authors Community, sharing posts for your fellow authors and having them share your posts. Authors helping authors builds audiences for all - it's a beautiful thing.
  • Sending weekly 10-Minute Marketing Memos that each include a simple marketing task you can accomplish in 10 minutes or less

Leveraging Video to Expand Your Platform​


Basically, AMP expands and leverages your online presence using video. We like to think of it as the hub of your marketing wheel. Using your audiobook Retail Sample and other audio short clips, as well as other images from your book or images appropriate to the content, our marketing team creates a video trailer for your audiobook. The team then optimizes the video for the search engines (think bubbles in your Google juice - bubbles rise to the top in the glass of Google juice and get found more easily). Google favors sites with video; they own YouTube, after all. And sites with video are about 70% more likely to get viewed by potential customers. Bottom line: more of your potential audience will find out about your audiobook and other formats of your book - and your platform expands.

Audiobook Authors YouTube Channel


Pro Audio Voices posts those videos on our Audiobook Authors YouTube channel. Then we promote your video and the channel through regular social media posts by our professional social media team. The more you actively participate through comments, likes, shares, retweets, etc., the more effective these posts become.

Social Media Campaign


When each video goes live, we launch a social media campaign to promote each video. We're actively building the Audiobook Authors channel, which helps all our AMP authors rise in visibility. For books with multiple videos, each description is optimized to further expand reach by using a different set of keywords that we've strategically identified, and a modified book description as well.

Marketing Assets - Getting Off the Ground


An essential part of marketing is creating the assets for spreading the wordThe beauty of the AMP program is that it keeps growing as the Audiobook Author community grows, leveraging the fact that we're in this together. AMP not only helps sales of your audiobook, but all other formats of the book and it AMPs up your entire online presence.


AMP it up even more when you subscribe to the Audiobook Authors YouTube channel and help promote your own and each other's videos. This is the way to exponentially expand your reach! It's FUN to connect with the other authors on social media, and to comment on/share/retweet/like/etc. whenever you see an Audiobook Author member's post. As an author community, we help each other and ourselves at the same time. And the bigger we grow, the more Google knows to pay attention and send visitors our way. Pretty cool, right?

Audiobook Authors Podcast


As a member of AMP, you'll be invited to be a guest on our podcast and be interviewed via Zoom by Becky Parker Geist, owner of Pro Audio Voices. The Audiobook Authors Podcast will be launching in 2019, and interviews are currently being scheduled. All interviews will be recorded and edited, not run live.

10-Minute Marketing Memos


There is one thing we're going to ask you to commit to: 10 minutes per week for marketing. Each week we'll send you a 10-Minute Marketing Memo with very specific and very easy step-by-step instructions. Even if you do no other marketing that those weekly 10-minute tasks, those small steps will help you reach your goals.


Now, we're not saying to stop marketing your audiobooks and books in whatever ways you may already be doing, but we're going to help you keep moving forward if you're not really doing any marketing yet, and we're going to seriously lower your marketing stress if you're trying to do everything. I mean, seriously, you'd really rather be writing, right?

What's it Going to Cost?


We've done the research, and most marketing programs worth bothering with are running minimum $2,000. That can be a big chunk of change to an indie author. Especially right after the costs of producing the audiobook. The whole point of doing the audiobook, however, was to get it out there to more of your people - your audience. Once we achieve getting it out there and having a bigger impact in the world, the income will start offsetting the expense.


We are committed to Helping Great Stories Come Alive, and have figured out ways to streamline the AMP process so we can keep your cost down as low as possible. We're ready to AMP up your marketing at a fraction of what you'd expect:



Next Steps

Click on the Get Started Button. As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll receive:

  • a short welcome video explaining next steps
  • an email confirmation
  • and a form to help us gather the information we need to create your Audiobook Marketing Program

We're ready to help you take those next steps with you towards audiobook success. 


The information we will need from you should all be readily available. We'll need the audiobook Retail Sample and audiobook cover image. If you have up to 3 additional images appropriate for the video, include those as well. Remember, we're here to help so you can get back to writing. Just email us with any concerns or questions and we'll be there for you, ready to help you achieve your goals and focus on your genius.

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